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Operation Christmas Child

Here at W1AG, we love to work with OCC to reach children and families around the world. In 2022, we were able to put together 600 boxes for boys and girls of all age groups. Our boxes were delivered to several countries around the world such as Ecuador, Chile, and Botswana.

This is only possible with your help. By giving to our OCC fund or donating items for our shoeboxes, we are able to create gifts many children around the world can enjoy.

We typically aim for 300-600 boxes each year which would allow us to provide 100 boxes for each age group and gender.

Deals & SHopping Ideas

  • Dollar General - $5 off $25 on Saturdays using the Dollar General app. Great when pairing for $1 deals such as small stuffed animals, seasonal items, etc. You can get 25 items for $1 each for only $20 plus tax. That's less then $1 per item!
  • Family Dollar - $5 off $25 on Saturdays using the Family Dollar app. Same ideas and recommendations as above.
  • Dollar Tree - Great deals for approximately $1 can be found frequently.
  • Seasonal Deals - Great deals can be found shortly after specific events throughout the year. Check your local stores such as Dollar General, Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, Wal-Mart, and others for clearance items that would fit in a shoebox. 
    • January - New Year's Day
    • February - Valentine's Day
    • March - St. Patrick's Day; Palm Sunday; Good Friday; Easter Sunday
    • April - Good Friday; Easter Sunday 
    • May - Cinco de Mayo; Mother's Day; Memorial Day
    • June - Flag Day;  Father's Day
    • July - Independence Day; 
    • August - Back-to-School
    • September - Labor Day
    • October - Halloween
    • November - Thanksgiving; Black Friday
    • December - Christmas

Shopping List

If you are looking for gift ideas to purchase for our OCC boxes, look no further than our curated list of items available on Amazon. You may browse the list here: shop4occ

Donate to Our OCC Account

If you cannot find suggested items, don't have time to shop, or simply would rather contribute monetarily, we are happy to take your gift and use it to purchase items needed to deliver our boxes. Simply choose "Operation Christmas Child" from the Fund drop-down box and enter the amount you would like to donate. We will ensure your funds are put to good use purchasing gifts that will fill a shoebox and reach children all over the world!

We appreciate you putting your hard-earned money to work by donating to this initiative. Please know that these funds will be used solely to ensure we have enough gifts purchased to fill all our boxes.

Thank you for your gift to help spread the Word to countries around the world!